Rail Transport

The rail transport system provided by Patel Maritime India Pvt. Ltd. is one of the most convenient methods to ship the goods from one place to another as it is cost effective. The reliability factor in this case has always been a problem, but incase of the service provided by Patel Maritime India Pvt. Ltd., there is no doubt as the customer can completely depend service provided to them. The rail transport system service includes a climate controlled trailer for perishable goods which needs constant protection from heat and cold as well as general transport for the non perishable goods which are easier to handle and need not have a climate controlled trailer.

Our Service Highlights :

The right rolling stock is available for every type of freight :
– Low-bed wagons for heavy or bulky goods
– Sliding-wall, high-capacity wagons or open flatcars for large consignments
– Tank wagons for liquid products
– Silo wagons for granular products
Truck transfer from terminal to train and in reverse
Transport of chemicals & other hazardous goods with special safety provisions
Arrangement for octroi clearance
Processing documents in Railway & Railway Cargo department
Information of delivery status to the shipper
Documentation that accompanies to the consignment as required