Customs Clearance

Custom clearance basically refers to assessment, processing the customs, HSN classification, the process of obtaining customs out of charge and also customs examination and arranging for the dispatch and then delivering it to the destination. On the other hand Patel Maritime India Pvt. Ltd. also offers export custom clearance service. This means the receipts of the goods, DEEC and DEPB, marking, measurement, classification of drawbacks, labeling processing custom clearance, obtaining the customs out charge, custom examination as well as handling it over to the carriers. The services offered also include examination of shipment, port handling, documentation of custom clearance, carting etc.

Some of the Salient Features are :

Documentation for custom clearance
Carting / Receiving Goods
Registration of the contract with customs for the project clearance
Examination of Shipments
Port handling
Port handling and arranging bonded warehouse as and when required by the client
Custom clearance of the import cargo at the port of entry
Handling of stuffing & de-stuffing at Ports, ICD’s and Customers warehouse
Suggestion for effective packing for economic handling and safety
Reconciliation of the contract after completion of import
Providing suggestion to the customer on documentation of purchase order, contract, invoice and packing list to make the document compatible with the Indian customs for appropriate classification in customs for minimum duty and easy clearance